Hi I'm PT Pete,


I created Body Vitals Training as I am a l qualified level 3 personal trainer with a passion for fitness.

I will help you reach your goal and be there every step of the way.


From gym fitness to detailed meal advise I am here to guide and support you so you can make your dream a reality.


I understand that not everyone likes to work out the same way, that's why I have a variety of different methods of getting you in shape.

I also have experience training people with various disabilities, so if you have specific requirements get in touch and I'm sure we can work something out.

I pride myself on my ability to help people reach their goal.

Whether you are getting in shape or to improve your health I provide a tailored service that is designed to help you reach your goal.

I run a number of different sessions, so whether you would prefer gym workouts or a circuit in the park there is something for you.

PT Pete Chapman


I offer three services.

Online coaching - I will provide you with the tools you need to go into the gym and workout. I'll give you the means needed to refuel, repair and grow to reach the goal set.

Personal Training - I will work with you at Pure Gym Burnham. Here I will push you to your limits you can be sure you will get a good workout. When you're not with me you get a program to follow.

Outside group sessions - With these you can exercise as a group in the fresh air. 

Let's Talk

Feel free to call me on 
077 300 400 17
However I may be on the gym Floor at PureGym Burnham so alternatively drop me an email ...

Thanks! Message sent.

Tomorrow was yesterday, it's time to do something now!

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